Best Online Anatomy and Physiology Courses (2023)

One of the most famous and important disciplines in medical and nursing school is anatomy and physiology. No doctor, nurse, or physician can work or function in the medical or healthcare field without first learning these vital topics. The study of structure, framing, and the interaction between bodily components is known as anatomy. Physiology, on the other hand, is a field of medicine that studies the activities of the human body as a whole. Various medical schools provide anatomy and physiology lessons, sometimes known as A&P classes, to familiarize students with the human body and how it functions in real life. There are many a reason why one should take anatomy and physiology courses if hoping to work in a medical or health-related field. Anatomy and Physiology teach the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology. It aids in the clarification of key notions about how our bodies work. Anatomy and physiology lessons allow students to understand not only academic principles but also the actual capabilities of the human body. It is not just a theoretical subject of science, but also a practical one.

Knowing human anatomy might also come in handy in an emergency. In the absence of supervisory doctors or nurses, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are responsible for providing emergency treatment to patients. An LPN should be conversant with anatomy and physiology principles in order to deal with such circumstances, since they may be quite helpful. Grasp the health condition of patients is aided by an understanding of anatomy and physiology. It aids in the assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, and follow-up of a patient’s health. This subject’s ideas aid in understanding the overall state of the human body. They may improve and polish their medical and clinical skills and abilities by studying human anatomy. Both of these areas are important in medical research; thus, they assist LPNs in becoming well-trained nurses. When an LPN understands the principles of human anatomy, he or she may quickly detect and assess the origin and roots of a patient’s disease. These important scientific subjects help them swiftly assess a patient’s health status and make the best decision possible at the proper moment. As a result of these noteworthy reasons, anatomy and physiology play a significant role in nursing and healthcare education.

Here are the top ten online courses available for anatomy and physiology.

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1. Online Anatomy And Physiology by StraighterLine

This online human anatomy and physiology course provides one-on-one instruction as well as the assurance that your credits will transfer. The material of the anatomy and physiology online accredited college course, as well as the lab study, is meant to provide you with a working understanding of college level anatomy. You will have free access to the eBooks if you enroll in the courses. The content for the entire course has been split into two portions. Cell Structure and Function, Diffusion and Osmosis, and Mitosis and Meiosis are the main subjects addressed in this human anatomy and physiology online course. This course meets scientific general education standards, offers one-on-one academic help (tutoring), and is protected by the StraighterLine Credit Transfer Guarantee.

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2. Anatomy Specialization by Coursera

This is an excellent course for starters. The videos are straightforward, concise, and simple to comprehend. This is one of the most highly recommended courses for anyone starting out in Human Neuroanatomy. The University of Michigan offers an anatomy speciality program that consists of four online anatomy and physiology courses. The fundamentals of anatomy, the major organ systems, as well as their functions and interactions within the body, are covered. This is a beginner-level anatomy course that should be ideal for anybody seeking a comprehensive introduction to the subject. Following your enrolment, you will have access to a wide library of multimedia content. After completing the specialism, you will obtain a certificate as well.

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Best Online Anatomy and Physiology Courses (1)

3. Online Anatomy & Physiology Course by Corexcel

The anatomy and physiology online accredited college course educate you about each body part and how it works together to maintain homeostasis. To assist you with grasping the course ideas, interactive features such as full-colour graphics, animations, music, and videos have been included. You will get access to the course content for a year and will be given a certificate of completion. This is a completely certified course that will educate you about anatomy and physiology, even if you have no prior knowledge. When it comes to online courses, Corexcel is a well-known name. This human anatomy and physiology online course will earn you 9.5 Continuing Education Units. This is a self-paced course that presents anatomy and physiology to students who have little or no prior understanding. Everything you’ll need to finish the course, including an electronic version of the textbook, is available online. Non-medical professionals who wish to understand anatomy and physiology in order to work in the healthcare or pharmaceutical sectors would benefit from this course.

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Best Online Anatomy and Physiology Courses (2)

4. XSeries Programin Anatomy by EdX

This is a collection of four online courses in anatomy and physiology that will help you master the fundamentals of human anatomy. Through multimedia resources and a methodical approach, the course will assist you in exploring many aspects of human anatomy and numerous organs. You’d also learn about each system’s varied roles and importance. The famous University of Michigan offers this curriculum. You will be learning things likeIntegumentary Systems, Skeletal Muscle Anatomy and Joints through the course of this program. The program’s anatomy and physiology online courses are free to study. It is completely free to enrol in any of the courses. You would only have to pay if you wanted a certificate.

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Best Online Anatomy and Physiology Courses (3)

5. Human Anatomy by EdX

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has created an online basic human anatomy and physiology curriculum which is delivered from the perspective of healthcare professionals, and it uses a case study of a stroke to demonstrate the concepts. This is the first MOOC to teach Human Anatomy from the viewpoints of different healthcare professionals through a case-based study of stroke. The course goes through the structural organization of the human body and how the various courses are related in great detail. You’ll be taught how to dissect the human body in a rational manner. The course is organized into three main modules, with visiting lecturers giving lectures at the conclusion. The course is free to take, and you only have to pay for a certificate if you want one. To validate your success and improve your career chances, you will obtain an instructor-signed certificate with the institution’s emblem.

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Best Online Anatomy and Physiology Courses (4)

6. Easy Anatomy and Physiology (Platinum Edition) by Udemy

This is an anatomy and physiology course that covers the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology. The training includes resources that you may download. You can study whatever a lengthy one-year long college anatomy and physiology course teaches you through this online course. The information was conveyed through engaging animations and a booklet. At the end of the anatomy and physiology online course, you will receive a certificate of completion. This course may be taken by anybody who wants to learn, including nurses, physical therapists, and chiropractors, even if they have no prior expertise. This is a highly fascinating and instructive course that students who have previously taken it enthusiastically recommend.

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Best Online Anatomy and Physiology Courses (5)

7. Introduction to Human Physiology by UC Berkeley Extension

The anatomy and physiology online recognized college course will assist you in comprehending the complexity of the human body’s cells, tissues, organs, and systems. You’ll learn about the most fundamental systems that underpin human existence, as well as how illnesses impair regular functioning. You’ll also discover how the body’s structure and the functions it performs are intertwined. In these sessions, fascinating and unusual topics were also extensively addressed. Finally, you’ll have lots of opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to real-world situations and case studies. However, you should remember that understanding the ideas requires at least one year of high school or college chemistry education.

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8. Anatomy Courses Online by West Virginia University

The School of Medicine at West Virginia University offers a variety of anatomy and physiology online courses. A basic human anatomy course that examines the connections and arrangement of the key structures in the head/neck, thorax, belly, pelvis, and back/limbs areas of the body using a combined regional and systemic approach. Students will study the principles of human anatomy that will be useful in clinical settings. Students’ knowledge and critical thinking abilities in relation to anatomical terms and ideas will be developed through a combination of lecture and interactive learning activities. The only requirement is that you have completed at least one year of basic biology during your undergraduate degree.


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9. BIO 231, 232, 233 Human Anatomy and Physiology by Oregon Institute of Technology

This is a three-term online approved college course in anatomy and physiology that will earn you 12 credits if you successfully finish all of the courses. Furthermore, the prescribed course sequence readily satisfies the needs of allied health professionals. There are no formal prerequisites, however having a basic understanding of biology and chemistry will help you navigate through the content of this course. Each term will be worth four credits, and the entire course will be worth eight semester credits. Both lectures and lab components were used to deliver the course information. There are also weekly quizzes and examinations to ensure you remember what you’ve learned. The Integumentary System, Musculoskeletal System, Cardiovascular System, Immune System, Respiratory System, and Urinary System are the major components of this anatomy and physiology online accredited college course.

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10. Anatomy & Physiology by Open Learning Initiative

This is an anatomy & physiology course from one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. Through this course, you will learn to think and communicate in the domain’s language while also integrating your anatomical knowledge to support explanations of physiological phenomena. The course focuses on a few themes that, when combined, give a comprehensive picture of what the human body is capable of and the fascinating processes that occur within it. You will be able to relate what you learn about anatomy and physiology to what you already know about your own body if you approach the study of the body in an orderly manner. This course, which was created using best practices in applied learning theory, provides an active learning experience for any student through pre-tests, ample practise opportunities, 3D interactive images, walkthrough videos, and other unique tools and applications that will help you better understand anatomy and physiology.


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Best Online Anatomy and Physiology Courses (6)


Can I do anatomy and physiology online? ›

Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO 110E/BIO 110LE) is an online, asynchronous, self-paced course that includes both a 3-credit lecture session and a 1-credit laboratory session. This course does not have specific meeting times or deadlines.

Can I study anatomy online? ›

Whether learners want to pursue a career in the healthcare field or want to become a researcher focused on human anatomy, building foundational knowledge can be the first step toward an exciting career. Start studying human anatomy today with online courses delivered through edX.

What is the best way to learn human anatomy and physiology? ›

Study Tips to Help You Ace Anatomy & Physiology
  1. Read before you go to class.
  2. Show up to class and take good notes.
  3. Rote memorization for definitions. ...
  4. Make sure to repeat them out loud. ...
  5. Print diagrams and complete them over and over again. ...
  6. Incorporate things you've learned into your daily conversations.

Can I teach myself anatomy and physiology? ›

No offense, but it is unlikely you'll be able to teach yourself all of the anatomy and physiology you'll need to know for med school. If you are really interested a board review book will give you a solid dose of the basics.

Is A&P hard online? ›

It is not as easy as it sounds. It would take me an average of 3-4 hours just to get the discussion question researched and my response written. Tests: If you think that it would be easy to cheat on a test for this online class, think again.

How many hours a week should I study for anatomy and physiology? ›

As mentioned earlier you should expect to invest 10-12 hours per week studying anatomy outside of class, including weeks after breaks. Human anatomy courses are largely based on memorization, both visual (cadavers, 3D anatomical models, anatomical charts) and definitions.

What is the fastest way to learn anatomy? ›

Top Tips for Learning Anatomy
  1. 1) Get to grips with the basics. ...
  2. 2) Make the most of dissection sessions and anatomy tutorials. ...
  3. 3) Learn to speak the “anatomy language” ...
  4. 4) Study in groups. ...
  5. 5) Link structure to function. ...
  6. 6) Learn in sections. ...
  7. 7) Utilise a variety of methods. ...
  8. 8) Practice using real images.
Dec 10, 2015

How many hours should I study for anatomy for a day? ›

Study Tips To Help You Pass Anatomy & Physiology Class.

Reserve about two-three hours per day to review the material from the last lecture and lab session, and to read the material for the next lecture or lab session.

How do I prepare for A&P 1? ›

From the Instructor Hive Mind: Top 10 Study Tips for Acing A&P
  1. 3 – Mix it up!
  2. 4 – Have a daily routine. ...
  3. 5 – Put in the time. ...
  4. 6 – Apply what you're learning. ...
  5. 7 – Study in bursts, not binges. ...
  6. 8 – Visualize what you read. ...
  7. 9 – Actually read your assignments. ...
  8. 10 – Get yourself a study group. ...
Feb 21, 2018

What is harder to learn anatomy or physiology? ›

Research suggests students find physiology content more difficult to learn than anatomy (14, 22), but few studies have investigated the drivers behind student difficulty when learning physiology.

Does Khan Academy have anatomy and physiology? ›

Khan Academy: Human Anatomy & Physiology

You'll learn some general anatomy (a roadmap of your body), learn how the arm bone actually connects to the shoulder bone, and how the different organs work together to keep you alive. Watch some videos, read some articles, try some flashcards, and then quiz yourself!

What is the most difficult body system to learn? ›

Having found that students perceive the nervous system to be the most difficult organ system to learn allows for the development or incorporation of pedagogical strategies that can address the perceived problems.

How many years does it take to study anatomy and physiology? ›

Bachelor's degrees in anatomy are usually studied over a minimum of three years, or four years if you take your program in the US. Some BSc programs include an additional placement year, giving you the chance to gain real industry experience and build professional contacts.

What are the 4 main anatomical positions? ›

Anatomically, there are four main positions: supine, prone, right lateral recumbent, and left lateral recumbent. It is important to note that each position has its medical implications. The supine position requires the face and upper body to be turned upwards in a horizontal position.

How many people fail A&P? ›

It's not surprising that many struggle, and many don't make it through. In fact, a new report from the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society found that nationwide, A&P attrition rates are between thirty and forty percent. This is a troubling statistic, because A&P is also foundational to multiple degree paths.

Can you take A&P 1 and 2 together? ›

Again, some students who have a strong science background are able to take A&P I and II during the same semester. However, unless you are not taking a full load of classes and you have both the time available and a strong science background we do not recommend that you do this.

Is A&P 1 or 2 harder? ›

Is A&P 1 or 2 harder? Many students will find A & P 2 harder because it builds on the information from A & P 1. Therefore if a student hasn't mastered the information from anatomy and physiology 1 they're going to struggle in anatomy and physiology 2.

What classes should I take before anatomy and physiology? ›

Most of the time, the prerequisite course for A&P is basic biology, and even though the basis of anatomy and physiology is covered in most biology courses, they usually don't prepare you for all that is college A&P.

Is anatomy harder than chemistry? ›

I think that if you are struggling with either anatomy or physiology, then chemistry is probably going to be a tough class for you as well. In terms of overall difficulty, I would say that college level chemistry is tougher than anatomy and physiology.

How to pass anatomy and physiology final exam? ›

Anatomy Study Tips
  1. Study Tip #1: Master the First Few Chapters. ...
  2. Study Tip #2: Use Online Videos to Supplement Textbook Reading. ...
  3. Study Tip #3: Use Mnemonics for the Tough Stuff. ...
  4. Study Tip #4: Break Down Words. ...
  5. Study Tip #5: Practice Anatomy Quizzes. ...
  6. Study Tip #6: Redraw Diagrams.

What is the best way to study anatomy in medical school? ›

If you're interested in studying anatomy in medical school, there are a few strategies you may want to keep in mind.
  1. Develop good study habits. ...
  2. Create a glossary. ...
  3. Break down your studies into sections. ...
  4. Use study aids. ...
  5. Think about function. ...
  6. Test your knowledge regularly. ...
  7. Get a study partner or join a study group.

Can you self study anatomy? ›

Yes you can learn anatomy by yourself online and there are many books to read and workbooks as well. Elaine Marieb has lots of information to teach yourself and test yourself. If you are dedicated and follow the instructions, you will be fine.

Is there a free anatomy app? ›

Download for FREE today. Teach Me Anatomy provides students, doctors, and health professionals with the world's most comprehensive anatomy learning platform. Includes integrated textbook, 3D anatomy models and a bank of over 1700 quiz questions – download to get started today!

How long should it take to learn anatomy? ›

It actually depends on what you want to learn it for and how deep you want to go into it. Here I'm going to assume that by anatomy, you mean “gross anatomy. ” If you want to learn just the basics of gross anatomy, a few weeks(if your goal is something really basic) to a few months is more than enough.

How long does it take to complete anatomy? ›

Students should complete their 10+2 qualification to pursue B.Sc. in Anatomy. MD in Anatomy: MD in Anatomy is a three-year postgraduate programme.

Is an A&P license worth it? ›

Earn more according to, the average A&P-licensed technician currently earns $68,000 per year. Also, further up the career ladder, an Aviation Maintenance Director earns an average salary of up to $90,000 per year. Achieve greater job satisfaction, according to

Is A&P nursing class hardest? ›

Anatomy and Physiology: before we've even started

Interestingly enough, one of the hardest subjects in nursing school comes before you've even been accepted into a program — Anatomy and Physiology.

How many times can you take the A&P test? ›

You only have to take the General test one time.

What is the hardest part of anatomy? ›

Tooth enamel is the hardest part of the body. The toughest and most mineralized component in the human body is dental enamel.

Is there math in anatomy and physiology? ›

Mathematics calculations are used in anatomy and physiology to provide additional insight into the information provided by the measurement of physiological quantities. The following exercises use a range of mathematical formulae that model various anatomic and physiological processes.

Does it matter what order you take anatomy and physiology? ›

If the classes are taught separate I would recommend Anatomy first because it lays the foundation for the Physiology of the body. Better to be familiar with each body part and then learn the functions and disfunction that occur with it instead of the opposite.

Is anatomy and physiology good for pre med? ›

You don't need to take them to take the MCAT, but there are a ton of Anatomy and Physiology on the exam itself. This being said, Phil believes that taking Anatomy and Physiology is a good use of time. Not only does it help you in the MCAT, but it also makes that transition into medical school a whole lot smoother.

Is anatomy and physiology helpful for MCAT? ›

So anatomy and physiology, while it doesn't hurt, is not going to be the most important class for you to take to prepare for the MCAT. Along with the standard prereqs, cell biology and molecular genetics will be more beneficial.

What does an anatomy and physiology lab do online? ›

About the Human Anatomy & Physiology Online Courses

The labs focus on quantitative literacy, histology, and dissection. These courses use a badge progression model, which is a method of gamification for learning. Content of these courses is divided into easily identifiable units called badges.

How long does it take to complete anatomy and physiology? ›

An average student will take 95 hours to read every page, complete every practice exercise, complete every practice test, listen to every sound file and play every game in it's entirety. Most students do not feel the need to complete every exercise, game and practice test.

What is anatomy and physiology Online? ›

A survey of the anatomy and physiology of the major human organ systems and the foundational concepts required to understand them. This course is accompanied by BIMD 220L.

Is anatomy & physiology hard? ›

Human Anatomy and Physiology (HAP) is widely recognized as a difficult course, often characterized by high drop, withdrawal, and failure rates (10, 23).

Is it better to take anatomy and physiology together? ›

Students should fully understand anatomy first before moving on to physiology, which builds off the knowledge and understanding of anatomy. Combining two courses into one makes students learn both topics simultaneously, which can be difficult.

What grade do you need to pass anatomy and physiology? ›

Many programs require a “C” grade or higher, but if the majority of your competition is pulling “A's” and “B's,” it may be wise to step up your game. To add to the pressure, my personal experience of telling friends that I was embarking on 2 quarters of A&P elicited looks of sincere pity and the exclamation “. . .

What do you learn in A&P 1? ›

This course provides a comprehensive study of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Topics include body organization; homeostasis; cytology; histology; and the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous systems and special senses.

What is the salary of Phd anatomy? ›

Anatomy Professor salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 24.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 20.4 Lakhs.

What was the hardest subject in anatomy and physiology? ›

It was hard to keep track of all the structures that formed and then involuted or changed into other structures. As far as adult anatomy went, neuroanatomy was the hardest.

Is there a lot of math in anatomy and physiology? ›

Is there a lot of math in anatomy and physiology? No, not really. These courses are more focused on memorization of terms and some physiology concepts. You won't be doing a lot of math in these courses, but you will need to have a basic understanding of mathematical concepts.


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